This is my jar...
As you can see from my well-used jar, I LOVE this butter! It is an excellent sealer and when used with my Reve Moisturizing Creme, my hair is crazy soft! It really has been a lifesaver for the ends of my hair, which is prone to single-strand knots and splits. Plus,its very economical. This 4oz was $8 but I've been using it for at least 2 months and I'm just getting to the halfway mark. The ingredients are simple but wholesome and include raw unrefined shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and castor oil. It comes in several scents; I have strawberry and its smells yummy! This is a definite keeper for me! 

You don't have to take my word for it though, because Reve Essentials is going to give one of you a chance to try it for yourself. You can win an 8oz jar, I repeat, an 8 OUNCE jar of the Hair & Body Butter in my fave scent STRAWBERRY!!!!
Are you excited yet?! I certainly am! Its really easy to enter this giveaway, just follow the steps in the Rafflecopter below. You can sign in using your email OR Facebook page. This giveaway will be open for about 3 weeks. The winner will be contacted by email and must reply within 5 days or a new winner will be chosen. 

...and this could be yours!


11/22/2012 14:20

A sealer is meant to seal the moisture in your hair. It helps to prevent split ends and breakage. A moisturizer adds more moisture to your hair to keep it hydrating and healthy.

12/03/2012 17:43

Certain types of oils seal in the moisture in your hair. A moisturizer hydrates the hair.

12/03/2012 18:24

sealer is made of oils to seal the water/moisture in your hair. moisturizers have water in the first five ingredients...i love the ReVe essentials hair and body butter.

12/03/2012 11:53

A moisturizer is water-based and adds moisture to the hair and the sealer locks in the moisture.

12/03/2012 17:38

A moisturizer has water content. Therefore, it infuses moisture into the hair shaft. A sealant is what you use to lock in moisture. A sealant is applied after the moisturizer. A sealant is usually a butter or an oil or it can be a mixture of both.

12/03/2012 17:39

A moisturizer does just that it moisturizes. The sealer holds the moisture in.

12/03/2012 17:41

A sealer helps seal in the moisture that your moisturizer provides. It helps prevent your hair from drying out, which can lead to breakage and other issues.

a moisturizer deposits moisture back into your hair. Moisturized hair is healthy, has less damage & breakage!

LaWanda Sykes
12/03/2012 17:45

A moisturizer is water based to add moisture to the hair, a sealer is oil based to keep the moisture in the hair longer.

Subrina Bradley
12/03/2012 17:47

A sealant locks in moisture and protects ends and hair shaft from losing the moisture that has been put in to it. A moisturizer add shine, makes hair soft and manageable and helps it from drying out.

12/03/2012 17:49

A moisturizer's first ingredient contains water and is intended to do just that -Moisturize the hair. A Sealer is used to lock in that moisture usually a butter or oil or both.

ebony bankhead
12/03/2012 17:49

i love the body and hair buttter and so does my skin. its my goto butter for these cooler months

Kimberly Dorsey
12/03/2012 17:53

Love, love, love Reve Essentials!

shimia (mya)
12/03/2012 17:59

a sealer seals in the moisture in your hair after using a moisturizing product. Hence, to moisturize keeps the hair hydrated.

Tonya M
12/03/2012 18:22

Can't wait to try it!

12/03/2012 18:31

A moisturizer keeps your hair from being dry and a good example is water or any water based product and a sealer seals in that moisture. An example of a sealer would be an oil or a butter.

12/03/2012 18:35

A sealer is used to seal in moisture it can be an oil or Shea butter. Moisturizer is a water based moisturizing cream that moisturizes the hair.

12/03/2012 18:46

A moisturizer is water based. A sealer contains butters or oils and is used to retain and seal moisture.

Shirley Kirby
12/03/2012 18:55

I would love to win this ReVe product. I usually buy unscented ReVe, so this would be an opportunity to try something scented. Thanks.


I have been wanting to try this product for some time, good lick to all.


a moisturizer adds moisture and softens the hair while a sealant helps the hair retain the moisture.

12/03/2012 19:59

Please enter me!

Wanda Howard
12/03/2012 20:10

I have not tried these products. It sounds like it would be really good for my hair. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

tiannna e.
12/03/2012 23:52

a sealer keeps moisture or hydration in your hair - oil is a great sealer as it reduces the amount of moisture that your hair loses over time.. moisturizers provide hydration to the hair...similar to what what does for the body.

Natalie Leary
12/04/2012 17:12

A sealer is designed to retain "seal" moisture in your hair. A moisturizers job is to add moisture. Ideally, you would want to moisturize then seal to keep hair hydrated and loving you :)

12/04/2012 19:28

Honestly, I believe a sealer is a product (such as an oil) that traps the moisture in your hair while the moisturizer is placed upon the hair shaft to help capture water, ingredients, etc. I also believe the moisturizer should be applied first, then the sealer.


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