One of my favorite Natural Hair You Tubers, Jenell, shares some very helpful natural hair care advice for the coming fall and winter months.

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That's right, contrary to what many people believe, caring for natural hair doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Here are a few tips to help keep you within your hair budget.

1. LESS IS MORE - Try to avoid slathering a bunch of product onto your hair. Doing so only wastes product, because the hair can only absorb so much at a time. Not over applying a styling gel or cream can also help reduce the time it takes for the hair to dry. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, so do what best works for you. For example, I liberally apply my V05 conditioner to detangle my hair because its an extremely inexpensive product (usually $1 or less). However, my deep conditioner (about $14) and twisting cream (around $9) I use sparingly.

2. SEARCH FOR SALES - Be a bargain hunter, look for BOGO sales, coupons, discount codes and etc. If its a REALLY great sale, try to buy 3 or 4. Trust me, saving money is a great high! In fact, if you do it right, you can appease your inner Product Junkie and still have enough money to keep your lights on.

3. PIMP YOUR CURRENT PRODUCTS - If you already have some products that you don't really care for, look for ways to improve them or other ways to use them. For example, a crappy conditioner can be improved by adding coconut oil, olive oil or honey. If its a shampoo that's giving you problems, add some of your favorite oil to it or use it as a body wash.

4. KNOW YOUR HAIR - Paying attention to how your hair responds to different products can help you to avoid buying things your hair doesn't like. For example, in the beginning of my natural hair journey, I bought several products with jojoba oil in them. After several uses, I realized that my hair doesn't really respond well to that type of oil, but thrived on extra virgin olive oil (which is great because I can get a 32oz bottle of that at the supermarket for $7). Keeping track of what ingredients are in your products can help give you a guideline for future purchases. Very few of my favorite products have jojoba oil in them, and if they do have it, its very low on the ingredient list.

5. SEEK OUT SAMPLES - Rather than buying a huge bottle of "miracle product", put it to the test. Most companies are willing to provide samples for free or for a very low prices. It never hurts to ask!

What advice do you have that helps you balance being natural and on a budget?
Check out this list of great natural products that you can use in your natural hair care. 
My hair definitely loves Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil!
I thought I'd share this YouTube video because not only is it funny, its true!

Tashira H.

via NaturallyCurly

Get the basics of Natural Hair Care down with your Curly ABC's!

This is my jar...
As you can see from my well-used jar, I LOVE this butter! It is an excellent sealer and when used with my Reve Moisturizing Creme, my hair is crazy soft! It really has been a lifesaver for the ends of my hair, which is prone to single-strand knots and splits. Plus,its very economical. This 4oz was $8 but I've been using it for at least 2 months and I'm just getting to the halfway mark. The ingredients are simple but wholesome and include raw unrefined shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and castor oil. It comes in several scents; I have strawberry and its smells yummy! This is a definite keeper for me! 

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...and this could be yours!
This feature of my website will now be apart of the blog. The purpose is to highlight the stories of those transitioning from relaxed to natural, those who BC (Big Chop), Newly Naturals and Long Time Naturals. The goal is to share the ups and downs of the journey and to learn from others mistakes and successes!
*This HairStory is a re-post. Originally posted in 2011.

I am so happy to share with you all my auntie's story. Maybe some of you can relate to what she's been through. Here's to "hoping" (no pun intended,lol) it inspires & encourages you to do what's best for not only your hair, but yourself!Thanks Auntie! - Kandy aka GoldenCurlGirl

1. How long have you been natural/relaxer free?
I've been relaxer free for almost three years.

2. Did you always want to be natural? If so why? If not, why not?
Yes and made plenty of attempts. I'm not very girly and I'd thought it would be easier to maintain.

3. Why did you go natural/stop getting relaxers?
 Well the reason I went natural was not by choice. During one of my attempts to go natural my husband loved the feel of my hair. He'd ask if I would let my hair grow longer in it's natural state. I was okay with it until it reached that frustrating point, you know what I mean, the length where it was not conforming to my will. I was ready for my relaxer and my husband was not. After weeks of whining(mine)we came to a compromise. I'd let it continue to grow if he'd let me get a relaxer. A friend recommeded her stylist and from there the trek to disaster began. For the first two years everything was going well. Her business increased so her attention to me decreased. She decided one day that she would let one of her assistants, not too long out of cosmetology school, apply my relaxer. Needless to say I was a little more than nervous. The young lady had shampooed and styled my hair before and did a great job. I know what it's like trying to have your chance to shine. So, I trusted my stylist and let her do it. Well, near the completion of her applying  the product my scalp began to burn. ALOT. My old stylist came over to see what was happening and gasped. The product the young lady was using was from a batch that was on it's way back to the manufacturer as a bad batch. I was stunned into silence. I was led to the sink in a stuper as they profusely appologized. In my gut I knew it was too late. Two days later my hair was coming out in clumps while tears ran down my face. I was thinking if I'd listened to my husband I would not have been in this mess. Well I became the queen of wigs for the next year. I did not tell my husband the truth until then. Out of frustration and failure to save the strands I took the scissors and went chopping crazy until I was wearing a short, bald-spotted fro. I haven't turned back since.

4. What response did you get from friends, family? How did you cope with negative opinions about your decision?   
When I was finally able to go without a wig people actually responded quite well. Most told me they liked my natural hair much better than the wigs. In fact, without trying, I'd become an inspiration to some of the women who wanted to go natural themselves. A couple of them told me their husbands were thrilled. Ironically they inspired me to keep going. Now there were a couple of people that  had a thing or two to say. I told them to stop hating and not to be jealous because they could not embrace their own beauty. That was my new found confidence speaking.

5. What do you like the most about being natural? 
What I like most about becoming natural is my husband running his fingers through my hair every day. And the fact that my niece gave me a style that we both love, when I was at the point of pulling out the scissors. Thank you Kandy. 

6. What is your hair care routine? What products do you use/like? 
My hair care routine is quite simple (I love saying that) it's shampoo, condition and twist every 10-14 days. I deep condition once a month. I haven't quite found a favorite product yet. Right now I'm using a leave-in spray, oil and an olive oil gel to hold my twist. My twist are soft ones. They are like the ones your mom use to do back in the day but without the rubberbands. 

7. Do you have any advice/encouragement for others considering going natural or who are newly natural?
For the beautiful women out there who want to embrace there natural beauty, I say go for it. Embrace the beautiful locks that the Creator gave you. He knows what He is doing. I found that when I did that vanity disappeared, courage and confidence took it's place. Trust your gut!

By Danielle Faust of and via
I've come to realize in my coaching practice that most issues boil down to helping my clients with self love and acceptance in all areas of their life. Here on CurlyNikki and other natural hair blogs I notice this message of love as well. Namely, loving your hair, and doing all you can to nurture and take care of it. I've decided that loving your hair is so overrated. Just because it’s natural, it’s yours and it’s on your head doesn’t mean you have to love it. I say you don’t need to love, like, or even tolerate your natural hair when it’s so easy to just hate it!

Here’s how to be sure you hate your natural hair:
  • Have no hair goals
  • Have no regimen
  • Try everything
  • Compare your hair to others
The first step to hating your hair is to have no goal that you want to reach hair-wise. This will ensure that you don’t commit to treating your hair well and taking care of it so it’ll grow healthy and strong. Be sure to be as wishy washy as you can with setting goals for your hair, or better yet, don’t attempt to set any at all. We wouldn’t want to accidentally reach one.

The next step to hating your hair is to have no regimen to follow. This is key if you want to flounder aimlessly and blame your hair for looking, feeling and behaving the way it does. Treat your hair one way this week and completely different the next, so as to remain unsatisfied and confused with it. Always keep your hair and scalp guessing. This leads to hair hate!

Always do different things so you’ll never know what works best for you. Do not keep things simple, complicate it as best you can. You must try every product, trick, tip, process, and idea you ever hear of, the more outlandish the better! This will keep your hair hate-worthy by ensuring you have no stability and no success. Be sure to try all the products and processes at the same time for enhanced hate results. 

The single most important way to hate your hair is to constantly compare it to the hair of others. If you do nothing else to hate your hair, I implore you, please, do this. Look at every curly, kinky, coily, wavy head of hair you see with envy. Look at hair types different than your own and pine away for locks like that. If you have loose 3b waves, pine away for a lush thick huge 4b afro. If you’ve got a TWA, berate it for not being hip length coils. Look at the features of your hair and find a way to make it not good enough. It helps if you have old photos of yourself with permed hair so you can compare your natural hair to your permed hair.

Buck the trend of loving your hair! Follow the steps laid out for you above and you’ll have a long life of hair hatred ahead of you. Good Luck!

This post is written by Danielle Faust, a wellness coach and natural hair enthusiast in NYC. She blogs about life, motherhood and hair at